This policy (“Airdrops policies”) applies to the airdrop tool provided by Crypto Social Network for Exchanges, coins, tokens account types, and authorized investor accounts on the website

Despite our efforts to maintain the functionality of our Crypto Social Network. An Airdrop is a tool offered “As IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis without warranties. Crypto Social Network does not guarantee the availability of the use of the Airdrop nor the integrity or delivery of the messages sent by this tool, which could result in the non-delivery of rewards by the airdrop maker to the participants.

The communication between the user and the airdrop maker is private, Crypto Social Network does not intervene, is not a recipient of messages, and is not responsible for the delivery of rewards. Therefore, Crypto Social Network grants the airdrop maker, the right to deny participation or reward to any user.

When you participate in an airdrop, you understand that airdrops consist in obtaining a reward determined by the airdrop maker by completing a series of actions related to visiting third-party sites unrelated to CSN for such reason :

The user participates in the airdrops at his own risk, Crypto Social Network is not responsible for the economic losses or material damage to your device that the airdrop tool or the airdrop maker can cause, this includes, viruses on your device or not having access to a specific airdrop due to a malfunction of our site or change in a token contract, which could lead to high prices when selling or swap for another cryptocurrency.


Airdrop makers and participants must follow all other published terms and rules.

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