When you participate in “Crypto learning” you understand that :

Despite our efforts to maintain the functionality of our Crypto learning is a tool offered “As IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis without any warranties of any kind. Crypto Social Network does not guarantee the availability of the use of Crypto learning nor the integrity or delivery of the messages sent by this tool, which could result in the non-delivery of rewards by the crypto learning creator to the participants.

You accept the admission policies and reward distribution policies, perhaps not disclosed by the crypto learning creator.

It is possible that some courses do not have the reward option activated and therefore you do not receive anything for completing it.

If the reward option is active, The creator of the course has the right to deny the reward to any user and Crypto Social Network does not intervene or mediate between the parties.

The communication between the user and the crypto course creator is private, Crypto Social Network does not intervene and is not a recipient of messages between parties.

Crypto Social Network is not responsible for the delivery of rewards. Therefore, Crypto Social Network grants the crypto course creator the right to deny participation and/or reward to any user as well as end the rewards period.

These policies may change at any time and without notice. Users are responsible for verifying when any change occurs by visiting this page or from the announcements published @cryptosocialnetwork

You can suggest the modification or inclusion of new policies related to “crypto learning” by sending us a direct email to contact@cryptosocialnetwork.net.


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