Crypto Social Network is about blockchain and cryptocurrency investing, so be sure to follow these tips in the content you share, and everything will be fine.

Freedom of speech will be always respected but, do not cross the line:

  • Hate speech, predatory behavior, cyberbullying, graphic violence, malicious attacks, and content that promotes harmful or dangerous behavior is not allowed on CSN.
  • Any kind of nudity and sexual content is prohibited.
  • Any kind of content about how to commit suicide or any kind of self-harm practice is prohibited.
  • Articles about how to perform illegal practices such as theft, scam, illegal downloads, etcetera, are prohibited.
  • Any content that shows or teaches how to hurt or mistreat animals is prohibited.
  • Content that reveals the identity or location of a person, including identification documents, telephone numbers, email accounts, or financial information is prohibited.
  • Do not post links or promote coins, tokens, or services unrelated to the main idea of the published post. This practice is not pleasant for other users, and it is also considered spam.
  • Do not use our platform to promote political parties, elections, political programs, ideologies, religion, social movements, or any content not related to blockchain, crypto investment, NFT, or DEFI, and
  • Do not share content that tries to discourage or is against the use of blockchain technology.


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