We are determined to protect our community by offering full support to all our users and immediate response against any attempted scam or deceptive practices.  Do not fall on the dark side by committing any of the following actions:

  • Do not try to impersonate a person or business, mainly blockchain/crypto-related, this includes any exchange or DEFI organization, whether or not it is registered on our platform.  Also, do not use similar names to a person or company.  For example, misspelled names, words, or numbers.
  • Do not create accounts for businesses such as Exchange, Token, Coin, Blockchain, DEV account, or DEFI projects if you are not the owner or authorized representative.
  • Do not share links to third-party sites that request to connect to user portfolios. We know the tricks of subfolders and single-section URLs. However, any URL that seems suspicious to us will bring the same result. It will be ejected and blocked forever.
  • Misleading domain names such as “sailor9.(any extension) or vitalixx (any extension) is considered spam.
  • Only exchange types and verified accounts are authorized to publish airdrops and giveaway posts.


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