The following policies “Username Policies” apply to the selection of usernames for your Crypto Social Network account.


  • Well-known usernames on other platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter are protected from squatting. The registration of well-known usernames with the intention of impersonating them is considered username squatting and entails that we block the current user IP and/or reassign that username to its original creator.
  • You will not register a reserved words, company name and/or trademark or confusingly similar as your username under investor accounts.  
  • Reserved words, company names or registered trademarks will be allowed as usernames and names in business-type accounts only.
  • Tokens with coin names will not be allowed.
  • Tokens with a reserved word will be under review.



The violation of these policies can lead to the immediate suspension of your account and/or the banned your IP forever.
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